We offer translations into all languages of the world.


We offer a full range of services related to interpreting – both within the country and abroad. With our team of experienced, specialist interpreters, we offer the highest quality of translations, covering every field of expertise and every language.

Consecutive interpreting – the translator translates short, one- or several-sentence fragments of the lecturer’s utterance, directly after delivery. This translation type is usually employed in the course of negotiations, meetings (including government visits), commercial talks and weddings. Consecutive interpreting is an ideal solution for smaller and shorter events.

Simultaneous interpreting – situated in a translation booth, 2 interpreters translate in real time. They switch every 20-30 minutes. This technique is primarily employed at international conferences, congresses and seminars, i.e. wherever interpreting without delay is required. The time factor is definitely one of the most important advantages of this solution. Interpreting can be carried out into several languages at once. Our job is to select the right translators for the subject matter and for the specific nature of the event, guaranteeing reliable translation and consequently raising the status of the event.

Whispered interpreting – a type of simultaneous interpreting, performed for a maximum of 1-2 people. The interpreter whispers (translates) the text in the ear of the person needing translation.

We translate into all languages of the world!