Legwan is your best partner for translations, since…


  Legwan offers translations into all languages of the world.
  Legwan cooperates with more than 1000 translators.
  Legwan guarantees a swift response to appraisal requests.
  Legwan provides all types of written translations – from ordinary texts, through specialist literature, to sworn documents.
  Legwan offers a full range of services related to interpreting – both within the country and abroad.
  Legwan offers technical support to conferences (PA, interpreter booths) and other group meetings, guaranteeing the necessary human and technical resources.
  Legwan provides comprehensive translation services to all clients.
  Legwan boasts a team of experienced translators, guaranteeing top-quality translations.
  Legwan meets all contemporary expectations, matching translators to the subject matter and the terms of specific orders.
  Legwan offers short completion dates – we provide express translations.
  Legwan respects the confidentiality of all texts translated.